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The Energy Executives are proud to be a part of the Call of Molo Organization. The call of Molo was birthed initially in 2001 but really did not take into effect until 2014 by the energy execs own Zipporah Irari. It’s a non-profit Christian based organization that gives back to Molo and to its residents, purely set for Gods glorification. Molo has been a victim of tribal clashes and hence poverty, death and homelessness have found its way through too many families directly or indirectly. The call of Molo organization seeks to provide a loving home for the children, food for the less fortunate, jobs for Molo residents and sponsorship for less fortunate children towards schooling and education for a brighter future. The Energy Executives makes a donation to The Call of Molo every time a customer enrolls with us.  By choosing us as your energy broker you too can make a difference in the world! 


2016 Molo Mission Trip

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