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An Experienced Approach to Energy


The Energy Executives are quickly becoming the trusted energy advisors among your business peers and competitors, and perhaps even with some of your partners and customers!  The professional services outlined here are just part of what we'll do to ensure confidence in your energy spend.

Strategic Planning


As your trusted energy advisors, we'll review and learn your company's financial objectives relating to your energy consumption and expense.  An open exchange of information and ideas will ensure an understanding of your risk tolerance and how current energy trends might impact your purchasing decision.  Unlike many other consultants, we'll review your situation all over again well ahead of your contract renewal date.



In a world of complex options, you'll be confident that The Energy Executives have performed a real time, in-depth analysis of suppliers and their prices. Our network of qualified, licensed and well established suppliers ensure that our recommendations meet the needs of your business and are extremely competitive within the market.



Do you know your company's carbon footprint?  How about your Total GHG?  Consumers, including your customers, are ever more conscious of their environmental impact and that of the companies with which they do business.  By utilizing The Energy Executives as your trusted energy advisors, you can be confident that our product and service recommendations will meet your sustainability concerns.

Why Electricity Prices will go up.


As your trusted energy advisors we are looking out for you and your business.  Check out this informative video from Eversource which explains the process of how they come up with the supply costs. As you can see here in New England natural gas is the primary choice for generation and until new pipelines are built we will be looking at high costs every winter.

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